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KH Lloyd
“Bill Johnson is a true professional who is very comprehensive and thorough. He puts a great deal of effort into his cases to truly understand his clients and all facets of whatever transpired in preparation for trial.

Not only is he a great attorney, but he is also a great person who shares his passion and enthusiasm for law with others. In 2016, he volunteered many hours to help my Business Law students prepare for a mock trial competition. He taught the students not only the basics of defending their client, but also how to develop a winning game plan!”

 Alexander Austin
“As far as reviews go, this may be the most important review you ever read.

If you are looking for a lawyer, regardless of the case. I strongly encourage you to give Bill Johnson a call, have that initial meeting.

Bill has worked with me on a few traffic and minor criminal cases. My record remains spotless and my active duty career is thriving. Every single time, Bill has pulled off what I can only describe as a miracle. His wealth of knowledge, not only for the Law, but for how the Law works is what sets him apart from all the other attorneys. Bill spends a lot of time preparing and talking to the prosecution team, never once has Bill gone into court without a plan; a plan that is always executed to near perfection.

Bill has also represented me in divorce and custody hearings. Truth be told, men are at a disadvantage in this world. That statement may upset a few people, but its fact and you know it. Again, miracles, I walked away feeling that the agreements were very fair, maybe even in my favor. If you want to win, you better retain Bill before the “other” party does.

Over the past few years, I have referred many people to Bill. Never once did he disappoint. I even had a couple go with someone different, simply due to the other attorneys being cheaper. They did not get very good outcomes. The saying; “You get what you pay for” has never been more true. Yes there are cheaper lawyers. With something this important, is cheap really your selection criteria? Invest the extra money and it will pay dividends.

You honestly do not need to look any further; you will not find a better attorney.”

thumb_03_60_60 Josh Cruise
William Johnson is one of the best lawyers in the area, I have hired him twice over the last few years and he has NEVER disappointed. I know that when it comes to finding the right attorney, it can sometimes be hard to vent through the endless lists of advertisements with everyone seeming to be an “expert”. But let me tell you, one thing that I never regret is the day that I decided to hire Mr. Johnson to handle my case.

He was very attentive throughout the initial consultation and helped guide me into the best way to handle the issue at hand. He put in the hours to review every little detail about my case, and left no stoned unturned when it came to finding the best result. Without a doubt, the old saying “You get what you pay for”, comes into serious play here. If you want an attorney who will put in the work to get you the best result and also help you every step of the way, than look no further because William Johnson is your man!

Thanks again Mr. Johnson, keep up the good work!

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