Be careful. If your license has been suspended, revoked or restricted because of a prior conviction for DUI, Habitual Offender, Driving on suspended, No operator’s license in possession, Unreasonable refusal to perform an alcohol test, DUI Maiming or License forfeiture, do not drive your vehicle outside of the boundaries of the restricted license, if any, granted by the court. If you get caught, and you are the owner of the vehicle you are driving, Virginia law requires that your vehicle be impounded for no less than thirty days. Storage and towing fees are huge. The only way to get your vehicle back is to successfully challenge probable cause for the arrest. Here is the link to the code section. 46.2-301.1. If you get charged with this offense in Gloucester County, York County, Mathews County, Middlesex County, Williamsburg, Newport News or anywhere on the Rt. 17 or I64 corridors, give me a call today.
I’m here to help you out.