Your kid gets a ticket for speeding, reckless driving, has an accident, wrecks your car with alcohol in the vehicle, maybe some marijuana. What do you do for court? Here are some quick tips. One, get your child’s school (high school, college or trade school) transcripts. Two, get your child into an in-class (not on line) driver improvement program. Bring the certificate to court. Third, get your child to perform some community service (animal shelters and local parks departments usually have these programs). Twenty-five hours should do it. If your child has worked anywhere, get a letter from their employer. If they have any awards or certificates for doing anything, sports, academics, whatever, bring ‘em. Fourth, be prepared to testify as to what punishments and sanctions were imposed at home that effected your child’s access to your car. Lastly, have your child prepared to testify as to what they learned from the experience of being charged with a traffic offense. They should also talk about their future plans such as pursuing higher education, college, military, etc. Judges love to hear that kind of stuff. Remember, most of them have had kids that got tickets, too.
If you get charged with this offense in Gloucester County, York County, Mathews County, Middlesex County, Williamsburg, Newport News or anywhere on the Rt. 17 or I64 corridors, give me a call today. I’m here to help you out.